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Having a speaking partner for your IELTS Speaking preparation is a great advantage. The practice enhances your confidence, the conversation eliminates your shyness and this will ensure a better IELTS band score in your original IELTS test. We are happy to provide you with a common platform where you can add your credential so that others can find you or alternatively you can find a speaking partner of your choice.

Write your credential and message with your name, location, possible exam date, Skype ID, Facebook ID etc. as a comment. We will publish your credential so that you can find a suitable IELTS speaking partner with whom you can practise regularly.

If you want your credential to be removed, simply comment back and we will remove that. You can also complain against someone who tries to abuse this platform or annoys you.

The speaking partners are categorised based on their country. Click on a letter to find speaking partners from the countries that begin with this letter. For example, if you want to find a speaking partner from Australia, click "A".

Following format is a possible outline for adding the comment to add your credential on this page:

Name: John Doe. (Male, 25 years old, Architect.)
Location: Sydney, Australia.
IELTS exam date: Possibly in May 2018.
Speaking level: Advance.

Hi, I'm looking for an IELTS speaking partner to enhance my practice for the test and to achieve a band score 8.0. Interested IELTS candidates are requested to add me in Google+, Viber and Skype.

Google+ : john_doe.
Viber: +1234567890
Skype: john123.  Find a suitable IELTS Speaking partner from the country list provided below.

Countries with the corresponding alphabet letter.

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