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Talk about a pet that you once had

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 318 with Model Answer:

Talk about a pet that you once had.

You should say:
  • what kind of animal it was
  • what type of care it needed
  • what you liked/didn't like about it
and say whether it is a popular pet to own or not and why.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I had a cat and its name was Tom. I loved it much for its nature. Tom was filled with soft fur and often I liked to touch the furs to get a soft feeling. Tom was a calm and quiet pet and did not have any bad habits like the other pets in my area. This is a great candidate task card and I will answer the remaining part, in brief, to describe my pet.

The most important thing about Tom is that it needed my complete attention. Besides, I used to feed it milk and other edible ingredients which were meant for cats. I noticed that if I did not pay attention to Tom, it used to come to me and screamed with a ‘meow’ sound and continued till I took it on my lap. It was polite and if I made some loud words, it would have hidden in the corner of the furniture.

Tom was my beloved pet and I liked it too much for its gentle nature. I had heard that the other cats used to steal foods and create many troubles for the owners. But I was free of such troubles. When it needed food, Tom came to me and I understood that I need to feed my cat. I also taught Tom to use the toilet when it needed. The smart cat understood my instructions and also learned to use the toilet by itself. It was a grand success for me indeed.

Of course, a cat is a popular pet to own. In fact, it becomes a constant companion of its owner and much better than dogs, I think. It requires less space to sleep and creates almost no troubles for the owners. Moreover, it has a pretty look as well.

Model Answer 2:
Thank you for the opportunity to let me talk about a pet I once had. I love to have pets and I had a canary bird when I was a teenager. This was a very small bird and a loveable one for numerous reasons. Interestingly, I did not place it in a traditional cage rather built a small hut for it. I placed the hut in my bedroom and had imaginary conversations with it whenever I returned home.

The bird needed lots of care. In fact, this was a small bird and wanted me to be always with it. Whenever I met the bird, it started chirping. The seller gave me some tips while selling it to me. The bird needed foods in time. And I preserved some grains in its hut so that it could get food whenever it needed. I also stored a small jar filled with water to meet its thirst. I used a small artificial room-heater inside the bird’s shelter during the winter to keep the room warm for the bird.

I liked the chirping of the bird when it saw me. In fact, it became glad to see me and expressed its joy through its own language or sounds. Moreover, I loved to feed it. During the feeding time when I remained at home, it started continuous noise so that I moved to it for feeding. But cleaning the wastes was a trouble for me. Often, mom used to clean the hut and other wastes that it had.

Canary is not so popular as a pet in my country for it is not that much available. Luckily, I got the bird as I ordered it about two months prior. And someone needs much patience and attention to pet it. Considering all the reasons, the Germans are not so much fond of it.

Idea generation for this Cue Card topic:  

"Talk about a pet that you once had."

Having a pet is a hobby for many and they have numerous experiences while keeping a pet. Some potential hints here will help the candidates to answer the cue card topic from a different perspective.

1. In my childhood, I adored pets. My dad bought a parrot for me as a pet. The parrot was able to imitate my voice and often talked to me. I was deeply in love with the bird. Passing some moments with the bird in the evening was a regular routine for me.

2. Raising a cat is not easy if you do not have the patience. Luckily, I had a cat and I got it when it was only a few days old. I nurtured the cat and had a good friendship with it. But it was painful for me to leave the dog behind when I came to the United Kingdom for my higher studies.

3. House rabbits are the best pets to me. They are quiet and peace-loving pets. I got a pair of house rabbits for my 14th birthday. They became my constant companion. I still have the pair at home.

4. I love pets and had a couple of fishes. I preserved them in a small-sized aquarium and took enough care. I was shocked seeing the fishes were stolen. I could not trace back who did this heinous act. Since then, I gave up the hobby.

5. Riding horse was my hobby during teenage. My dad arranged me a horse and I made that my pet. I had an intimate relationship with the horse. In fact, the horse did not allow anyone else to ride on him except me.

6. Pigeons were my best friends in my childhood. Though they were my pets, I treated them as my buddies. I fed them, took other necessary cares and spent lots of times. I felt glad when they flew in the sky.

7. Having a rat as a pet may sound unnatural. But I had two rats at my home. Though my mom did not prefer rats, I had them. But feeding the rats and cleaning their wastes were the most difficult tasks for me. Yet I owned them for a long.

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