Describe a child that you know

IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card 183 with Model Answer:

Describe a child that you know.

You should say:
    - who the child is
    - how you know the child
    - how old he/she is

and explain what this child does when you see him/ her.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
I love to play with children and most of the cases they also become fond of me. My neighbour, Mr Samuel Richard, has a baby boy and I love to play with him.

Samuel Junior is the child whom I adore most. The baby also loves me too much and when we are together, it becomes difficult to split us. I like to play with the child and when he laughs at me, it becomes the most enjoyable scene. Usually, the child sits on my lap and plays with me. Sometimes both of us make fun with water. I have a common swimming pool before my apartment complex and I take a bath with this kid, in fact, the baby waits for every day to bath in the pool with me. We make lots of fun together. Moreover, when it is about watching television, the kids and I watch together and mostly we watch the episodes from Tom & Jerry cartoon series. Besides, when I am at home, the child moves with me like my shadow.

The child lives with its parents just opposite to my apartment. I live in an apartment complex in Singapore city with my parents. My father bought the apartment around five years ago and my neighbour has bought his apartment in 2013. Since then, I am familiar with the child. Besides, both of the families share a great internal relation. Interestingly, in most of the times of the day, Samuel Junior- the child lives in our apartment. I think he finds it interesting to be with me always as I am a fun-loving boy. The intimacy between me and the boy is exceptional. When I return home from college, I knock at its apartment to bring it at my home and sometimes it comes in search of me and waits for me until my return. Sometimes I see that the child is sleeping in my bed and realise that the little fellow has fallen asleep after waiting for hours for my return. Then I wake him up and start making the fun.

Samuel Junior is only five years old but he appears to be more intelligent that age. He owns a sharp sense of right and wrong but sometimes forgets those which appear more interesting to me. Sometimes the baby comes to me to learn and I teach him the alphabets, rhymes etc. Samuel is more attentive in studies than the other kids of his age. He is able to remember several rhymes together and likes to recite before everyone he meets. But few of his activities are a bit irritating to me like he does not want to get out of the swimming pool. Though he got cold several times for longer stay in the pool, he likes to be there. Finally, his parents have to take him out of the pool forcibly. I think the problem will be okay when he will grow up.

When the child sees me, it becomes filled with joy. I am the only outsider who loves him unconditionally. I allow him to do all the menaces he wants and covers them up when he is in real trouble. I am like a friend of him and both of us plan to perform the unusual things. When he meets me in the morning, usually he wakes me up by pulling my hairs. Sometimes he throws water on me with the water gun that I bought him. He loves to play video games on a computer and I need to be with him there. When he dies or fails to do something on the video game, I am to make the things correct. I have never seen his dull face after meeting me. It appears that he is highly delighted with my company.

Sample Answer 2:
Mr Robertson is one of my neighbours who has a daughter of three years old. She is very fond of me for some reasons. And this is the only child that I admire most in the entire apartment block here in Austria. Thank you for the cue card topic and I am happy to have it in my share. Here are the details about the child.

She is Julee by name and loves to play round the day. She is the centre of attraction for me when I am at home. In fact, Julee is the child that has become very intimate to me and I know her since her birth. But the relationship with this little child grew more intensive when I started to talk with her on different occasions.

As I said before, I know the child since after her birth. Actually, I was one of the members who took her mother to the hospital during the birth of this child. So, I had a different attraction to this girl. But I was unable to spend time with this little girl as she was too small even to take in lap. Gradually she grew up, and I started to spend time with this child. Gradually, I started spending more time with this child and now we are very good friends. She comes to make some funny time with me when I am at home. Sometimes, I bring chocolate and other foodstuff and toys for this child.

Julee is only three years old. She looks very nice and cute. She got a few teeth and tries to have a bite of food. Sometimes, I ask her to have a bite on my cheek and she places the bite that makes me feel thrilled. Though she is only two, she is matured than the other kids of her age. She loves to listen to stories and understands all the requests. She knows how to respond to situations and also helps in small types of activities. Moreover, she also loves to watch television commercials and cartoons. She remains silent all the moments of cartoons though she is unable to understand what she sees and listens on the television.

This becomes really interesting when the child sees me. It becomes very happy and jumps on my lap. Sometimes, the baby holds my finger and asks me to take her for a walk. So, I take her to the nearby streets for a short walk. This time, I buy some small items like biscuits, cookies, or chips and chocolates for this little baby. Moreover, it eagerly waits for me to return home. Often she visits my apartment and my family members realise that Julee is there in search of me. In fact, it is really interesting to get in a company of such an adorable baby.

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