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Describe a teacher from your past that you remember

IELTS Cue Card Question 3 With Model Answer:

Describe a teacher from your past that you remember.

You should say:
  • who the teacher was
  • what class the teacher taught you and how old you were
  • what the teacher’s special qualities and characteristics were
and explain why you remember this teacher.
[You will have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:
When I was in my teenage, I had met one of the best personalities and the very best teachers in my entire life. I was in the tenth grade of my secondary education at the high school. I was fifteen when I met him first in my class. One day he entered the class and we greeted the man with the warmth of our heart as we heard many good stories about him earlier. He was our geography teacher and gradually all of the students started being more attentive in the class.

I consider him as the best teacher in my life because of some specific reasons. Firstly, he was highly punctual. I have not seen him making late for the classes. Secondly, he is like a friend to the students. Each of the students considers him as their friends. Thirdly and finally the teaching method he followed was outstanding. He rarely used books to teach us any topic. Frequently he used graphical images to make the students’ concepts clear over the geography.

Still in my middle age, I remember the teacher with great respect. He has shown me the way to be successful in life. He advised me about some important facts of life and still I follow the advice. I never make late for my office, I am sincere enough to execute the responsibilities assigned to me, and the most important fact is that I do not lie to others. I was advised to follow the instruction by my teacher and accordingly, I have turned successful in my career and life.

Cue Card Answer 2:
I must have been very lucky to have some exemplary and influential teachers in my school and college levels. Deciding whom I should describe was a tough choice for me as I recall many of them who helped me a lot throughout my academic years. I would like to talk about Mr Stephen who was one of the greatest teachers I have ever met and had been taught by.

Mr Stephen was our history teacher when we were in our 9th grade. I was around 14 years old when I first met this teacher. He taught us our history subject in our school and he was quite a brilliant teacher who inspired me a lot.

He was tall - around 6 feet 2 inches and was quite amiable. The most important characteristics he had was his exceptionally brilliant way of grabbing students’ attention in his classes. I would not be ashamed to say that there were some teachers who had higher degrees from very prestigious universities but had been less successful to grab our attention or to make the lesson interesting. While Mr Stephen was one of the teachers who made the time flies. He was quite affable to us but he never allowed stubbornness of students. He was a living example of discipline and good behaviours.

I particularly remember him because of his way of teaching and attention-grabbing quality. He taught us history as if he was telling us some interesting stories. I was not that much interested in history subject until I met this teacher. He taught us the important lessons we should learn from the history and how this lessons should be utilised in our life. He made me curious to read history books outside the academic syllabus and doing online research to learn more about the significant historical events and figures. The knowledge I have about our history and our past is due to Mr Stephen and that is why I will always be grateful to him. Though teaching is not a profession that attracts me if I ever pick this profession, I would like to be a teacher like him.

Rounding off questions:
Q. Do you want to be a teacher someday?
A. Umm! not really. I have not given it that much thought. But among my many career plans, entering the teaching profession is not the one that ever attracted me.

Q. Why do we remember some people differently than others?
A. Well, in our life we come in contact with many people who affect us in many ways. I guess we remember people whom we either like or dislike more than others. For instance, an unexpected help from an unknown people might make us think about that person or event and as a result, we remember him. The amount of time we spend with certain people, the things we do with them and how they behave are in my opinion the determining facts for our memory either to remember or forget them.  

Idea Generation for this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card Topic:

For this cue card topic, you can talk about any teacher that you can remember from your school, college or university. You can also describe a home tutor who used to teach you.

Some alternative ways to talk about this cue card topics:   
  • A mathematics teacher from your school/ college/ university. 
  • A home tutor who was a great mentor. 
  • A relative who used to teach you. 
  • A teacher who taught you a second language or sports. 
  • Your uncle, aunt, brother or sister who was a great teacher for you. 
  • A teacher who inspired you to do better in your education. 

Useful Vocabulary for describing this Cue Card: 

Synonyms of 'Teacher': Instructor, master, tutor, mentor, educator, mistress (female), lecturer, professor, coach, faculty member.

Synonyms of 'Remember': Recall, recollect, think of, recognise, commemorate, remind.

Some special qualities and characteristics of a good teacher:
Punctuality, commitment, friendly, understanding each and every students in the class, an engaging personality, supportive and encouraging, a great mentor, loud and clear while lecturing, promote positive behaviors among students, sense of respect for others, open communication with parents and students, helpful, attention grabber, encourage students, motivating, sense of humor, sound knowledge of the school’s curriculum, subject matter knowledge, invites questions and feedback from students, establishes trusting relationships with students, adaptability, creative, patient and empathetic. 

Part 3 – Two-way discussion:

Q. What kind of person makes a good teacher?
A. Teaching is considered as the best profession in the world. The teachers help the students to grow. So, to be a good teacher, one needs to be sincere and punctual. Moreover, vast subject knowledge is also required or you cannot share knowledge with your students. Behaving gently with the students is also a standard to be a good teacher.
Q. Why people choose to become teachers?
A. People mostly choose to be teachers because this is the profession which is praised across the world. People always pay proper respect to a teacher regardless of geographical location. Moreover, when the knowledge is spread among the students, the teachers receive an unimaginable pleasure.  

Q. Do you think education will change in the future? How?
A.  We are in an advanced world and everything is changing. By the course of time education may get gradual changes. The course curriculum and the text have already been changed comparing to the texts of a decade back. Newer texts are included on the list and the range and the numbers of textbooks are on the rise. So, I think that in near future education will experience a notable change.

Q. How does technology affect education?
A.  Education is affected by the use of technology, in some positive terms. Earlier, people had to read books written on different sorts of paper. For some of the student, it was troublesome. But the technological advancement, they now can read e-books and the teachers can use multimedia tools for their classrooms where they teach the text using numerous graphical images or examples and this method is easier for the students to learn.

If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a teacher from your past that you remember." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue cards as well:
  • Describe someone you like.
  • Talk about a teacher you really like.
  • Describe a teacher who inspired you.
  • Talk about a person who is a good teacher.
  • Describe a teacher from your school or college.
  • Describe someone you met after a long time.
  • Describe a person who has a good quality.
  • Talk about a nice person you have met.
  • Describe a person from your hometown. 

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